I'm Rachelle Fox

Sometimes I work in pyjamas.


My Life

Rachelle Fox self-portrait

Who? Rachelle Fox.

What? Writer. Photographer. Web geek.

Why? Humanity is my obsession. Technology, my passion.

Where? Montreal.

When? Now.

*This website showcases my writing, colour photography, video and web projects. You can discover my fine art photography at: www.rachellefox.com/art

Snow landscape


1. Vegemite

2. Politics

3. Twitter

4. Travel

5. Chocolate

6. The Oxford comma

My philosophy

There's no problem humour can't solve.

Childhood dreams

Rachelle Fox portrait

1. Travel the world. ✓

2. Make a short film.

3. Write a novel in French.

4. Eat my weight in chocolate. ✓

(Credit for this photo goes to my mum.)

Useless facts about me

1. I live in Montreal with my toy obsessed canine overlord.

Dog with sunglasses

2. I used to live in a tent...but bears make terrible neighbours. (Yes, that is a photo of the actual tent.)

Tent in forest

3. I'm an Australian-Canadian dual citizen. (Safe operating temperatures: −40°C to 48°C)

Snow landscape

4. High heels scare me.

Things I have learned

1. Never spill mushroom soup near a hungry mountain goat.

2. Don't chase sharks. (Turtles, on the other hand...)

Sea turtles

Useful information


B.A. Broadcast Journalism and French Studies (2015)

M.A. Littératures francophones et résonances médiatiques (in progress)

“Rachelle has an instinctive visual ability. She understands what makes a good still picture and what it takes to create good video imagery.”

- Jacques Grenier, journalism professor
(former producer for ABC News, National Geographic, and CNN)


French, English, and Australian.

Technical Skills:

  • Photography: Photoshop, Lightroom.
  • Web Design: HTML, CSS, UX, Responsive/Adaptive websites.
  • Video: Final Cut Pro X.
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, LinkedIn, YouTube.


  • Writing articles and blog posts.
  • Shooting and editing video.
  • Creating photo projects.
  • Designing and editing websites.
  • Creating social media strategies.
  • Teaching photography.
  • Planning events and exhibitions.


Portrait of a young woman
Portrait of a young woman
Portrait of a woman
Portrait of grieving man
Portrait of a woman
Portrait of woman in India
Portrait of a young girl
Portrait of girl in Thailand
Portrait of protester


My writing

I kill characters. But it's not my fault. Alfred Hitchcock and chronic insomnia are to blame. (What else am I supposed to do between midnight and 3am? Watch infomercials?)

Besides, fictional people deserve to die. They're horrible and have no boundaries. All they want to do is recount crazy stories...all the time. It's one of the reasons I've turned to nonfiction lately. Real people will leave you alone. You interview them. They send you an email. They don't harass you while you're taking a shower (usually).

Of course, much like the Master of Suspense, I can't suppress my murderous tendencies for too long. So, I'm working on a screenplay. And I'll be writing a play for my master's thesis. And there will be at least one dead body in both of those. Consider this a confession.

crime scene

Photo credit: ilbusca

Feature article


My video projects

Everyone has a story, not all are fairy tales. Some are funny. Others will make you cry. The rest leave you wanting more.

The following news reports were created as part of Concordia University's journalism program.

The roles I played in the production of each video are listed. Full credits can be found at the end of each piece.